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The Presidential Primaries and Early Education

As this year’s presidential primaries wrap up, promises have been made for improvement in early education. The various presidential nominees from both sides have given their views on how they will help improve early childhood education for young children if elected. This is a good gesture that they actually care about the future of children in America. They are advocating for highquality early education that will produce lasting changes in children’s education. 


A Push for Universal Early Education?

Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, pledges that if she is elected President, she will push for universal early education programs. She argues that once our country makes a commitment toward universal early education, our nation’s entire educational system will benefit and keep pace with other first-world countries. Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich supplements this by stating that universal early education should be accessible to children of varying needs. If Americans want a viable economy, excellent early childhood education is what is needed.

The evidence is overwhelming from this year’s presidential candidates.  They all agree that investing in early childhood education is vital. The Early Childhood education agenda is one of the few key issues that all sides, Republican or Democrat, seem to agree on. As Republican nominee Donald Trump has said in the past, there is nothing good like starting young and getting quality education at a tender age.

Setting Up Our Youth for Future Success

Over the campaign year, almost all the contestants agree that we all become losers when an American child falls ill or worse, passes away. According to Bernie Sanders, the American people become more secure and widely accepted in the society when they protect women and children.

The American government should, therefore, allocate more funds to the early education and the health sector, protecting their health and building a strong, knowledge-rich foundation for their future. Senator Sanders believes that a true American leader needs to formulate creative strategies to enable more US citizens to reach their potential, fix the inequalities that the majority of children at the early education level are facing, and increase steady upward development for these kids. Quality pre-K programs for children can help do that.

Are Changes Upcoming

Seemingly, we cannot expect much massive early childhood education projects from the Republicans. But there is little argument that voluntary pre-K programs are what this country needs. Texas Senator Ted Cruz believes that reforming the ‘Federal Head Start’ program can play a significant role in improving early childhood education for low-income earners.

Governor Kasich also advocated for more funding towards the early childhood sector. The Ohio Governor has also been in favor of a complete overhaul of the current pre-schooling kindergarten program, replacing it with quality and accessible early education programs.

On the Democrat side, both Senator Sanders and Senator Clinton agree that the Federal government budget allocation of $76 billion on education is not enough. Out of this $ 76 billion, early childhood education received only $5 billion. These presidential nominees tend to propose that more money should be sent to the education sector and also raise budget allocation for pre-kindergarten schools.

To conclude, it is, therefore, evident that at least every presidential nominee has an agenda and a political will towards the transformation of the pre-school and kindergarten program. These proposals range from increasing budget allocation for this program, accessible and voluntary pre k programs to curbing child mortality. It will be a blessing to the early childhood education sector if all these promises are translated into actions.

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