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Academic Goals Your Child Can Accomplish in 2016

While everyone is working on resolutions for themselves for 2016, now is the perfect opportunity to consider the academic goals that your child can accomplish over the course of the year. That might sound difficult, but with the help of child care centers and early education programs, it will actually be easier than you think. These goals don't have to be overly ambitious, either. Every child is different, so the goals you set for your child will obviously be different from what other parents will set for their children. With that being said, there are some common education goals that every child can and should work for.


With the emphasis schools place on literacy, reading doesn't seem to be a high priority within our culture. Many children (and even plenty of adults) see reading for fun as boring or even a waste of time. Anybody who does like to read will tell you how wrong that is, and even those who don't like to sit down and read through an entire novel will admit that being able to read is very important.

It's easy to say that becoming a better reader is an admirable academic goal for a child, but it's perhaps more important to instill a love of reading. No matter where your child's interests or reading comprehension levels lie, there is bound to be at least one book that will grab their interest. By working closely with your child's teachers and early education programs, you will be able to find some of those books. Your child might find that they love to read more than they thought which will make it that much easier to improve their reading level.


Math and How it Applies to Life

A child under the age of seven obviously won't be completing any complex math problems, but it's still important to show them how math applies to real life. Even if your child is still learning how to count, you can show them why this is an important skill. Point out opportunities to count things throughout the day, and try to make counting fun through games and activities. This is definitely something that child care programs and early education programs can help with. Remember to ask the teachers for advice and find out what works best for your child.


Socialization is far more important than a lot of parents and even education professionals realize, especially for children between the ages of three and seven. Being more social is usually something that comes naturally even if it comes faster for some children than others. Being able to get along with others is still an important lesson to learn. There are plenty of things parents can do to encourage a child to be more social, but this is definitely something that often calls for child care programs and child care centers. Find one that works well for your child, and never stop encouraging them to talk and play with others.

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