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How to Dress Your Kids For the Cold and Rainy Season

It is absolutely essential to have young children properly dressed in order to play outside during the cold and rainy season. Exposed skin and wet heads can lead to runny noses, colds and time away from school. Taking precautions to dress your children warmly when it is wet or cold helps to keep them warm and protected and allows them to get out of the house from time to time even when weather conditions are not all that ideal.

Here are some tips on how to dress your kids for the cold and rainy season. Additionally, here are some activities for you to consider for your children that will keep them outside and active in the rain or snow rather than running in and out of the house every five minutes, looking to play video games.

Clothing Tips for Dressing for the Weather

Public enemy number one is keeping your kids dry. You want to make sure that exposed skin, hands, head and feet are properly covered. One rule of thumb for dressing your children when it is cold is to add an additional layer than what you would wear as an adult. The use of moisture wicking material, especially in undergarments like long underwear and socks, helps keep moisture (produced by sweat while they are active outside) away from the skin which is a must for keeping kids dry.

Materials to Avoid

Avoid the use of cotton as a fabric for dressing your kids when the weather turns. Cotton traps moisture and can potentially cause your kids to become sick if they do not immediately remove their wet clothing. For the middle layers, you should use clothing made with polypro or fleece to provide a buffer between their outerwear and under garments.

Coats should be warm but not so bulky that they restrict movement. Insist that your kids wear their hats and gloves when outside, including a snow cap or rain slicker with a hood that is water resistant. A classic trick for boots from the past is to line them with plastic bags. This trick will help keep their feet dry and warm and will even make it easier for you to remove when they return inside

Fun Activities for Kids When the Temperature is Cold or Wet

Now that you have your kids dressed for the outdoors, away from any electronics and ready to run around a bit you may be wondering what is the best activity to do. Small children may enjoy a game of splash where they are allowed to go to the biggest puddle on the ground and jump around like no one is watching. You may even be able to create some lasting memories by putting on your galoshes and join in on the fun. You may also encourage your kids to explore their architectural talents and build a snowman or sculpture, but be prepared for this to turn into a possible snowball fight. Children are resourceful and creative and if given enough time, will create their own games.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures of your kid’s outdoor adventures. Also, remember to consistently monitor the weather temperatures and make sure to round them up when temperatures become too cold or if they look like they may be in need of a hot bowl of soup or hot chocolate.

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