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Swimming Safety Tips for Parents – Video

Swimming is, without a doubt, a favorite summertime activity for the entire family; giving your children some cooling relief from the heat while keeping them entertained for hours on end. However, the pool can present some challenging safety concerns for parents no matter how careful they are. Start keeping your child safe while around the swimming pool this summer and follow along as we explore some of our swimming safety tips!




  1. Always Stay Close By

    As a parent, your number one priority in the pool should be staying as close as possible to your child. However, this task is much harder than it sounds. Your child is likely to be excited to be splashing around in the water, swimming away in a moment’s notice. Whenever you’re in the pool with your little ones, make sure to pay close attention and remain within arm’s reach just in case any accident was to occur.

    No matter how you look at it, there is no substitute for active supervision while in the swimming pool. If there is more than one adult present, consider taking turns watching over the children while keeping distractions to a minimum.

  2. Educate Your Child On Swimming Safety

    Community swimming lessons are a great way to give your child confidence in the pool while keeping them safe. Lessons provide your son or daughter with some of the most fundamental swimming skills to help keep them afloat. Swimming lessons aside, taking some time to teach your child where and when to swim can help them stay safe in the pool all summer long.

  3. Swimming Aids

    While floaties, water wings and noodles definitely provide their share of summertime swimming fun, you should never consider these items as a substitute for coast guard certified personal flotation devices. If you want to confidently allow your child to explore the pool on their own, seek out a child-sized life jacket that is guaranteed to keep your child safe under most normal circumstances.

  4. Going the Extra Mile With Safety Measures

    When it comes to your little ones, the age old idiom of ‘rather be safe than sorry,’ is one of the best things you can do to keep your child safe in and around the pool. Consider taking some CPR lessons just in case of emergencies, and keep your backyard or inflatable swimming pools secure so that your child can’t sneak in.

Swimming can be fun, and following the proper safety measures can help keep your child safe all summer long. But what’s your child to do while you’re at work and they’re away from the pool? Consider enrolling your son or daughter into one of the child care programs at your local Tender Care Learning Center. With a commitment to quality care, the staff at every Tender Care Learning Center has your child’s best interest in mind, watching out for their well-being while fostering a community to help them learn and grow. Help your child avoid the summertime boredom by enrolling your son or daughter in one of the quality childcare programs from Tender Care Learning Centers!

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