Going from preschool to kindergarten is a big step for a child. There are a lot of things you can do as a parent to help your child make the transition. Here are a few things to remember as your child moves on to kindergarten and a formal school setting.


When you are ready to send your little one to a child care center, you may be wondering what you can do to make the transition  from home to preschool easier. In addition to adjusting to their new environment, you want your young child to be open and receptive to the learning games, activities, and classes they will be participating in. Turn to the four tips below to reinforce what your child is learning during the day.

Education is always a hotbutton topic in election years, and this one is no different. In recent years, we have seen more studies documenting the important role that early education plays in the outcomes for children. Some experts even argue that the first 8 years of life are the most crucial to future success in and out of the classroom.

Still not convinced? Here are  four reasons why you should stop ignoring just how important early education can be in the life of your son or daughter.

There is a direct link between early childhood education and educational attainment. The Chicago ChildParent Center (CPC) Preschool Program, using a sample of 1,334 youth tracked to age 22, found that those youths who participated in early childhood education completed more years of education than those who did not. Programs that provide the crucial link between early education and later educational attainment,  such as Head Start, have faced challenges in providing opportunities for all young learners, particularly in times of federal fiscal challenges.

Fall brings with it a variety of opportunities for your child to learn and grow. The change of the season is a magical time that can be used to inspire the natural wonder that comes with tender years. There are lots of things that you can do to enhance your child’s daily experience during the fall season as the temperature drops and earth lumbers towards winter.

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Tender Care Accreditations

Tender Care is a Pennsylvania state-licensed child care and early childhood learning organization, an accredited member of NAEYC, PennAEYC, CAEYC, HAEYC, and PACCA, and is Keystone STARS rated.



Tender Care Learning Centers has committed to accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as the measurement of our program excellence. NAEYC is the nation’s largest and most influential organization of early childhood educators, and is dedicated to improving programs for children from birth through third grade. NAEYC sets the standards for quality childcare and education in America, with an emphasis placed on the quality of interactions among teachers and children and the developmental appropriateness of the curriculum.

Keystone STARS (PA only)


The Keystone STARS program validates what Tender Care Learning Centers have been doing for many years. Your child's Early Education is critical to his/her development and future success in school and life. Keystone STARS sets requirements for early childhood educators to promote the best learning environment and safest setting possible for your child. As a parent, feel confident your child is safe and respected, is learning new things every day, and is well prepared for future success in life.