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Phone: 412-881-6720
Director: Jill Blair
Email: whi@earlyeducationpros.org

At Tender Care Learning Center of Whitehall, Pennsylvania, we strive to make you feel like a welcomed part of the family! Each morning, our staff and teachers greet each child with enthusiasm, setting the tone for a day of fun and creativity. Our approach is to teach while having fun, encouraging children to learn and explore at their own pace to foster a lifelong love of learning. We also work to make sure children can enjoy other activities, such as taking Choi Kwang Do lessons or playing soccer at our school!

We are conveniently located in a safe, quiet neighborhood near Rt. 51 and the bus and trolley lines, and we are close to McAnnulty and St. Gabriel’s elementary schools. Inside, you’ll find each teacher’s photo and bio displayed on the walls, and the children’s artwork proudly displayed in each classroom. See for yourself by calling 412-881-6720 to schedule your visit today.

We are proud to announce that our schools in Pennsylvania have been named a 2019 Top Workplace by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A big thank you to all of our teachers for making our schools a great place to be for each other and for our families!! 

You can find more information on the Top Workplace website: http://bit.ly/NTW13  


Whitehall testimonials

We currently have two children enrolled in Tender Care and couldn't be happier. Our son has attended since he was threeyearsold and is currently in first grade. The preschool/preK programs well prepared him for kindergarten. We were amazed by the knowledge he gained from the time he started Tender Care and he is continuing to thrive in school. Our daughter is currently enrolled in the preschool program and we've quickly noticed positive changes in her social skills and eagerness to learn. We can't say enough about how great the teachers and staff have been with our children. They have given our kids individual care and attention. We know we are leaving our kids with trusting teachers who truly care about our children.

Jason & Chrissy T.

The Whitehall Tender Care has a very friendly atmosphere. Every teacher greets you and your child whenever you come through the door and when you leave. My child is fouryearsold now and has been attending Whitehall Tender Care since he was fivemonthsold. I love the fact that all the teachers know him and many have watched him grow up. Noah walked for the first time there and they were intregral in potty training him. They also send pictures when there is an event so I can be a part of it. I feel very confortable talking to the staff about my child and asking them questions. The teachers feel like family to us an I am amazed at how much he is learning at school. One thing I feel is very unique about our school is that my child is able to tak Choi Kwang Do lessons, along with soccer, while at the school. My family could not be more pleased with our experience at Whitehall Tender Care.

Jackie T.

All of the teachers at Tender Care treat our children like an extension of their own family; they all know our kids and greet them with enthusiasm in the morning. I feel completely comfortable and safe leaving our kids in the care of the teachers. It may sound counter intuitive, but I appreciate the fact they my older child goes running to his class and forgets that I'm still there when I drop him off; he's excited to be there and that means the teaches are definitely doing something right. He comes home with big stories about what he's learned and what projects he's done. The reason we picked Tender Care was because of the "teaching while having fun" atmosphere and attitude. Our kids are getting exactly that, even in the infant room. I love seeing all of the projects hanging on the walls and windows and the pictures of the kids during their day. Tender Care even makes the parents feel appreciated whether it be with a coffee day or doughnuts for Mother's and Father's days and they go out of their way to include the parents in activities throughout the year. It was a big decision for us when we picked a day care and we absolutely made the right one.


Like Family...That's how I would descrive the staff at Tender Care. It was December 2009 when we began at Tender Care. I was a new mom and a nervous wreck leaving my threemonthold daughter for the first time. Throughout the first week pictures were taken of her and emailed to me to show how she was happy and enjoying herself. Five and a half years later and now with two daughters there I feel lucky to have chosen the Tender Care in Whitehall. All of their team provide a fun, enjoyable and caring environment for my girls. They always have a minute to answer a question or let me tell them something funny that the girls did. They make us feel like family.


Our children go to Tender Care Learning Center, Whitehall. We've always felt comforted by the secure, locked doors that require a key pad for entrance. Walking into the facility you're greeted with a friendly smile and hello from the staff. The teahcers have their pictures and a small bio hanging on a bulletin board in the front entrance. It's nice to see who each teacher is and a little about them. The children's artwork is proudly displayed and the windows are decorated according to the season or theme. I'm always impressed with their organization, it never fells chaotic upon arrival. The kids feel at home, and know just where to go to place their belongings and play with their group. I think what sets this center apart from other facilites is the care from the teachers. They truly care about each child and know hwat works for each one individually. I appreciate the communication as well. The infants/small toddlers are sent home with a 'green sheet' outlining and detailing their day, and the older kids have a lesson plan for each week as well as a description of what they did that day. They have an interactive and stimulating environment for each classroom. The kids are encouraged to learn through play, arts/crafts, and plenty of reading as well. Their outside play area is fenced and has age appropriate sections for each group. Even the infants get some fresh air on nice days. Our kids look forward to going to Tender Care each morning, and we couldn't be happier with the care they receive.

Ashleigh D.

My children have attended Tender Care for 3 years. Tender Care Learning Center has exceeded all of my expectations. The facilities are very clean and promote an engaging, positive learning atmosphere. The staff consistently demonstrate great compassion and patience. Not only do I feel like my children's basic needs are met, but I feel like my children are loved and well educated throughout the day. The Tender Care curriculum is well researched and age appropriate. The teachers utilize their creativity to make lessons fun and meaningful. I would highly recommend any family to Tender Care Learning Center.

Jen M.

My children love Tender Care and really enjoy learning from the very knowledgeable and caring teachers.

A Whitehall Parent

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Tender Care Accreditations

Tender Care is a Pennsylvania state-licensed child care and early childhood learning organization, an accredited member of NAEYC, PennAEYC, CAEYC, HAEYC, and PACCA, and is Keystone STARS rated.



Tender Care Learning Centers has committed to accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as the measurement of our program excellence. NAEYC is the nation’s largest and most influential organization of early childhood educators, and is dedicated to improving programs for children from birth through third grade. NAEYC sets the standards for quality childcare and education in America, with an emphasis placed on the quality of interactions among teachers and children and the developmental appropriateness of the curriculum.

Keystone STARS (PA only)


The Keystone STARS program validates what Tender Care Learning Centers have been doing for many years. Your child's Early Education is critical to his/her development and future success in school and life. Keystone STARS sets requirements for early childhood educators to promote the best learning environment and safest setting possible for your child. As a parent, feel confident your child is safe and respected, is learning new things every day, and is well prepared for future success in life.